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Can Dak Raise His Game To Another Level?
(08-15-2019, 01:57 AM)cellarrodent Wrote:
(08-15-2019, 01:54 AM)cern Wrote: Rodent....spent a lot of time on the reloading bench.  Turned out 400 .28 Gage shells.  Dove season right around the corner.  Locked and loaded.
Crazy thing is'd probably get on with my dad lots...  He's a total outdoors hunter fisherman, loads his own shells, and nothing else matters much to that man...  I'm not implying other things don't matter to you, but you cats are from the same mold in terms of "ol school" outdoor activities.
The man is richest whose pleasures are simplest.  Your dad sounds like a great guy.  You're lucky.  My dad was a jerk.  I was granted court ordered emancipation from him at 17.  Greatest day of my life up to that point.

It's a long story, and we definitely had massive obstacles, not so important... Nevertheless, both of your interests are on par...nuff said bout that! It's cool to see what turns ya both terms of love for the outdoors.

Dak wraps up camp in Oxnard.

[Image: uwkrp6lb7je9619qd7ka.jpg]
Some folks look for facts to support their opinions.... smart folks look for facts to form their opinion.

Yeah man...rap that camp up in Oxnard, but save writing any contracts until he actually does something that matters and is "team friendly"...unlike the goal post dunk he's about to fail at!

Good luck to Dak, he'll need it... It's nice to know I'm not crazy...cause there's not a great deal of notable analysts that are far off from my opinion/assessment. If the cat proves "historical" in a couple of years, after the franchise tag year, ok we'll worry about that then and "pay the man". Until then, let the man do/prove he can do something that actually matters...he hasn't thus far. Passed up on 30 mil...he may live to regret that decision!

Mma preliminaries to watch before cowboys game. Spending some time on the ranch. Never saw so many dove before. Mourning, white wing, and a huntable introduced species, the European collarded dove. They're bigger, just as tasty, and no bag limit. Sept. 1 can't get here soon enough.

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